Our Story

Hey there lovely! Thank you for being here & welcome to our Blush Kids family!
My name is Stephanie and I would love to share with you our story.
I have founded the brand after having my first daughter, Claire Elise, last 2018. Ever since she was born, she has had her delicious blushing cheeks, hence the name of our brand.
I loved dressing her up but we have struggled to find the style we love with the existing market last 2018. Having the love for all things floral, stylish designs, comfortable clothing and having the business background, Blush Kids was born.
All made and designed in Perth, Western Australia, our pieces are all inspired by heartwarming childhood memories when we all dress up, play and enjoy the day. All made from the most beautiful fabrics I have ethically sourced, I have designed whimsical clothing to be loved and passed down.
A keepsake, a nostalgic piece.
Our brand strives to provide only the best pieces for your little ones, keeping in mind my three brand mantra - quality, versatility and affordability.
My vision is for all of us mums to be able to dress up our little ones with the clothing pieces we all truly adore, and when we look back to those days when our children were still so little, we would remember how beautiful they were.
This is what I want to share with you, mumma.
Thank you for supporting my small business.
My Claire Elise is turning two now and we are here, growing and blossoming everyday.
This is such a dream and you, along with our Blush Kids community make it all possible.
To more exciting times ahead!
With all the love,
Stephanie Ma x